Garage Roller Doors

Roller-01Clean-Line - the roller door profile with a difference.

Steel-Line's clean-line range of roller doors take the strength of Bluesope steel and moulds it into a unique self cleaning profile that allows dirt t simply wash away every time it rains.  Combine this with a range of Colorbond® colours and smooth, quiet operation and a Steel-line Clean-Line roller door becomes a true design feature of your home.

Superior, Unique Profile

The exclusive Steel-Line garage door curtain has a unique roll formed profile that is engineer-designed for superior strength, whilst maintaining a unique modern appearance sure to enhance the exterior of your home.

Quality Drums and Springs

All Steel-Line garage doors revolve on precision-made nylon drum wheels; the latest in garage door technology. Garage doors are counter-balanced using helical springs to ensure perfect balance and operation. All our springs are heat treated and tempered to give years of trouble free operation.

Centre Lift Lock

All Steel-Line garage roller doors have a factory fitted centre lift locks generally mounted waist high and operated by key externally. It also features an internal keyless manual override that offers security and a safe exit in an emergency.

Dual-Sided Nylon Webbing

We apply nylon-fibre webbing to both sides of the garage door curtain eliminating metal-on-metal contact resulting in an extremely quiet and smooth operating door for years to come.

Aluminium Bottom Rail

An engineer-designed, heavy-duty extruded aluminium bottom rail is used to strengthen the bottom panel of the garage door. The bottom rail also incorporates a specially designed weather seal, extruded from tough and durable PVC to protect your garage from the harsh elements.

Garage Roller Door Colorbond® Colour Chart

The colours shown below should be used as a guide only.  Please use actual colour samples for accuracy in colour selection.

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